Made-to-measure bioethanol fireplaces

Being one of the most innovative bioethanol fireplace producers on the market, Decoflame is leading in terms of product development. Using cutting-edge technology, our highly qualified craftsmen constantly take product development to the next level.

Decoflame prides itself in being able to offer a wide range of made-to-measure bioethanol fireplaces. In that way, we are able to meet even the most demanding customer needs without compromising the quality and safety. The models vary from built-in fireboxes, such as, the modern looking Montreal and Orlando, or the more classical ones Milano and Westminster to simple drop-down burners, that can be integrated in flat surfaces or even furniture as Denver e-Ribbon Fire.

All of our made-to-measure biofires are coming with the manual or the electronic e-Ribbon® technology burner, that can be controlled via Bluetooth using the Decoflame App. Watch video.

Throughout the years, Decoflame has developed the ability to fulfill even the most demanding customer requests. Made-to-measure ethanol fireplaces can be designed and manufactured in a wide variety of shapes: open to one or several sides, in a corner or even circular layout. In terms of finishes, the customer can choose from more of the classical versions like brushed stainless steel or black, or add a touch of creativity by choosing a very specific RAL colour.

All Decoflame fireplaces can come with a glass shield, which protects the flame from draught, while keeping it lively.

Endorsed by architects and interior designers from all over the world, our expertise and technology allows us to deliver made-to-measure ethanol fireplaces that satisfy even the most exquisite demands.

Montreal® built-in made-to-measure bioethanol fireplace open to front and back

Montreal Furniture® free-standing decor detail with the manual burner

Denver e-Ribbon fire® customized into a corner layout

Montreal® automatic e-Ribbon® built-in fireplace open to three sides

Westminster® built-in bespoke ethanol fireplace in a cozy home interior

Denver® e-Ribbon fire® integrated into furniture


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